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Straight Thread Rebar Koppler Fabrik


Modell:  D-16, D-18, D-20, D-22, D-25, D-28, D-32


Modell Nr .: D-16, D-18, D-20, D-22, D-25, D-28, D-32 Material: 45 # Kohlenstoffstahl. Gewindewinkel: 60 und 75 Handelsmarke: heshuo Ursprung: Hebei, China Art: Rohr, Rohr u. Teile Spezifikationen: D16, D18, D20, D22, D25, D28, D32 Verpackung in: Plastiktasche, dann hölzerne Kasten Spezifikation: D16, D18 , D20, D22, D25, D28, D32 HS-Code: 73079200 \ n Gerades Gewinde rebar Koppler Produktion Beschreibung \ n Materialien: 45 # Kohlenstoffstahl. \ n Technische Daten: D22mm. \ n Verwendung: Rebar-Splicing \ n ISO: 9001

Name Value





Thread Pitch

2.5mm, 3.0mm, 3.5mm

Thread Angle

75°/ 60


45# High-quality Carbon Steel

Out diameter




Place of Origin


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Reinforcing Rebar Straight thread rebar coupler   

Straight thread rebar coupler are widely used all over world nowadays. It provides a better way thantraditional ways like lap joint, welding joint and cold pressing.    

Basic Information: 
1-Raw material: 45# high quality carbon steel
2-Rebar Size: 12mm-40mm
3-Thread Length: 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm, 3.5mm
4-Thread angle: 60°/75°
5-Three types: Standard type rebar coupler, reducing type rebar coupler, left-handed and right-handed rebar coupler
6-Couplers could be produced as your requirement/drawing
7-Package: Nylon Bags
8-Delivery Time: Usually goods could be delivered within 10 days after receiving full payment   

Any interest, pls do not hesitate to contact with us. We will always try our best to help.                



Type of Straight thread rebar coupler: 
Parallel Thread reinforcing bar splicing with Rolled Thread End
The technologies of parallel thread reinforcing bar splice include directly rolling and Rolling after stripping rib.    

1) Directly rolling: 
A. Cutting off the end of the rebar
B. Rolling the end by using the special rolling machine
C. Splicing the rebar by using the coupler   

2) Rolling after stripping rib: 
A. Cutting off the end of the rebar
B. Stripping the ribs at the end of the rebar and rolling thread
C. Splicing the rebar by using the coupler   

There is Straight thread rebar coupler machine:    

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